Conveyor System & Accessories


Troughing angle impact ldlers generally used for absorbing impact at loading point & protect belt, ldlers are available in two roll type & Three roll type bracket & having troughing angle 20°, 30° & 45°.


Due to eccentric loading, soiling slippege of the material to the drum pulleys and idlers roller may cause the belt to run crooked to prevent the belt from running to the rollers self aligning ldler of various angles & design are available.


Three roll idlers and brackets are used to convey bulk material and the same are available with inclined idlers.


Rubber ring return idlers are generally used when handling material is wet & sticky or corrosion resistance is required.


Conveyor Tail pulley


Conveyor pulley customised with Rubber lagging

Belt Vulcanising material for Hot & Cold Process.
Hydraulic Belt – Vulcaniser
Spot Vulcaniser
Belt fastners, Plastic & Stainless Steel.
Rubber Sheet for pulley lagging. Abrassion resistant rubber friction cover sheet with shore hardness of 60 +- 5’ designed in a diamond shaped profile & plain type, which increase the friction value between drum & belt available in different thickness & sizes.
Skirt board Thick shock absorbing rubber.
Accessories related to belt Vulcanising with special tool kit, self vulcanizing cement floating gum.
Conveyor belt scrapers.
Manufactured by means of series of low friction, ultra high molecular weight polyethene base bolted to thick shock absorbing rubber. This two piece construction is bolted to a rugged steel support frame, which exceed all Jagruti idler requirements. The UHMV allows conveyor belt to slide easily with virtually no additional drag.
Placed directly under conveyor belt at high impact loading points the Jagruti Impact/Slider bed absorbs the shock.

  • 3 roll troughing idlers
  • Self aligning carrying idlers
  • Impact deep troughing idlers
  • Plastic roller
  • Transition
  • Conveyor pulleys, drums
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